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Ariane and Elise, catching flight in front of a tower at the University of Ghana. (Sung Park)

THE FATE OF A COCKATRICE: Journal by a University of Ghana Student

My name is Jacob Osae Amanor, I succinctly remember when we got admission to the

prestigious and premiere University, “the Hill of knowledge”, I met a guy who was given

courses; Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science. All through the conversation he was

not so happy like his other colleges. His problem was that, he was not happy with the courses

he had been given. He told me he was an artist, who was very good in animation and that art

was his life. But here was his dilemma; he was given something he did not like.

Nature has always in being fair of the choice of man. The universe is a fair sphere that want

all of us to be happy, thus do what we are happy and passionate in doing. Because, I believe

that, whatever thing you enjoy doing is what you have been destined to do on this earth. But

when it comes to this our of the world, we have a lot of anomalies in the profession of a lot of

people. Most people have been victims what I like to call misplaced potentials. They find

themselves doing or studying something that they do not have the love for. Just like a

cockatrice that has been placed is marine water. What is the fate of a cockatrice?

I am a living testimony to the plight of misplaced potential. But I do not really consider it so

demeaning and incapacitating. I believe, in every bad situation you will find hidden

somewhere an iota of hope and joy. Currently as a Physics student in the University of

Ghana, my passion and talent for creative writing keeps augmenting with each passing

semester. I love creative writing, but I still have to study Physics. To me it a great challenge,

one that really motivates me and inspire me a lot.

All that I like to say is that, finding yourself doing something you do not really love should

not make you stop doing that thing that you love to do. You can be a Medical doctor and still

practice accounting, if you still have passion for maths. You can be an attorney and still be

ardently involved in fashion if you still love it. You can be a lecture at the university and

continue to be the left fill back of the under 25 local football team. Nothing can really stop

you from doing what you love to do. As long as the passion is in the inside of you, nothing

and I say absolutely nothing can quench it.

So my dear colleges just want to admonish you all. Do not fret at all if you are not so good in

academics. Maybe that is not your field. Search deep within yourself, you will discover that

there is the passion for a thing you like to do most. It may be singing, cooking, sowing. I

personally believe anything thing that one can do with ease is a talent. And we have a lot of

people with great talents; but have become dormant, due to their status qou. You do not have

to be impeded by anything. You can still spend time to develop your other gift as you

continue to read the complex courses here in the university. Never neglect the gift of God that

in you, the Apostle Paul told his spiritual son Timothy.

Finally, to add to all that I have said, the fate of a cockatrice will be contingent on the

decision you will make once you find our self in that unpleasant situation. Now from the

immortal word of a famous Physicist Professor Stephen hawking and in quote” There

should be no boundary to human endeavour. We are all different. There is no such thing as a

standard or run of the mill human being– but we share the same human spirit. However bad

life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at. While there’s life, there


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