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Thanks for the responses that have been streaming in from around the world since the introduction to Real Money was made. We sincerely appreciate and hope to continue to serve you better. Today we shall proceed to serve you with the components of Real Money so that the understanding will sink in deeper.

So the big question arises, Who are you? What are you configured to do? Who are those patronizing you? The question of purpose is a commonly reoccurring issue that appears complex to many people.

Many men have been able to conquer the moon, space and uncharted waterways but have unfortunately been unable to find out who they are. They can define and explain complicated issues in science, technology and the economy but can’t easily define their purpose and that’s why many people are still far away from what they are meant to be; they simply exist but are not living.
I have dealt with the issue of purpose several times so won’t get into deep details but the summary is that your purpose is your identity; it is who you are configured to be and what you are configured to do. Your purpose is the definition of your contributions to life which is the factor that shows what you get in return.
Purpose = Value.
Inside your purpose is enshrined a great store of wealth and pathway to greatness but it takes self discovery to gain access to them.

There are over 151,000 online books (courtesy Amazon books) dealing with the issue of purpose including mine but to make it easier, I will say just two things that will help you understand your purpose better. It is my self discovery matrix that has never failed me in any part of the world people have applied it.

1. What are the things you dislike so much that you won’t rest until you have solved them?

2. If you were a product and your value was written boldly on your body, who/what class of people will patronize you?

To learn more you can contact me privately, attend any of my events or invite me to your events.

Ronaldo, Messi, Mayweather etc earn millions of dollars playing the game of football and boxing in the same place where some others barely get a few thousands of dollars or nothing. Why?; The way they play theirs is different.
It is not enough to know what to offer the society but how well you do it determines how much you earn above others; knowing who you are and what you can offer are equally as important as how you offer it.

Do you cut corners in the way you serve out your purpose? Do you approach the issues of life and work casually? If you do, you are on the part of failure and poverty. Packaging yourself in the proper way is a guarantee to increasing your value and attracting wealth to your life.
I always use this illustration when speaking in Nigeria; I do ask my audience if they have ever visited an eatery like Crunchies or a road side restaurant that we call Mama Put in our local parlance.
You will agree with me that sometimes the food served at the Mama Put tastes better and is even bigger in ration but yet it attracts less amount of money in value compared to what you get at Crunchies, Mr Biggs etc. Why? PACKAGING!!!!

Your packaging must be crafted in quality or nothing else if you ever want to attract the level of patronage that will make your bank account smile.
Remember, the first time Coca Cola came out, it sold at only 5cents per glass to very few persons in the shop of the inventor but when an innovative person bought it off him, it has now sold millions of dollars around the world in different packages…ingenuity enhances packaging and good packaging attracts higher value which yields more money, more money yields wealth; that’s the Real Money.

Join us again for more on this in a few days time. Your feedbacks as usual are welcome so keep them flowing.

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Kind regards.
Frank Uzo
(German Certified Trainer of Trainers in Administration and Leadership Strategist.)


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