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So far we have established that real money is beyond the physical paper or gold coins we see and use; that it is actually about value. In addition, we have considered some of the components of real money particularly Purpose and Packaging.
Today we will take it a few notches higher to consider two or three more points before we step into the series on leadership development.

Let’s travel along on these lines

Very so often I have heard people say that; “your network is your net worth” but not many times have I heard or seen many people who either understand or apply it effectively so I may have to do a bit of explaining here. The simple meaning of that expression is that you are as rich as the people you know especially if you use the association in a progressive and mutually profitable way; now that’s where the real issue lies because knowing people is not enough but profiting mutually from the association makes a great deal of difference. People you know make up the population within which your highest levels of trust, commitment, loyalty and possibly patronage are made so that makes them not to be just people but also a critical aspect of your natural assets.
If so, they should be your treasured allies in making real money but a high degree of trust is required to build, sustain and profit from them; that’s where the net worth angle comes in. In traditional marketing, it is said that referral or word of mouth seems to be one of the surest ways of securing more customers ; that is to say, you are sure of more patronage/customer base as the people you satisfy spread the word to others and so on. It has been variously discovered that it leads to a geometric proportion in growth as against growth recorded from fresh contact with would be customers. People tend to feel more secure when someone close to them recommends/certifies a product/service they have used as satisfactory and fit for use by the people in their network than they are when a stranger is marketing them.

In the conventional style of marketing, thousands of organizations have leveraged on the strength of networks to reach more customers than they ordinarily would have using other means hence the surge of interest in multilevel marketing or network marketing. The level of exponential financial growth recorded by both the customer and the organization has pushed the frontiers of network marketing into a robust kind of international trade that holds lots of rewards potentially and such that it runs into billions of dollars world wide above certain thriving industries including entertainment, manufacturing, gaming etc.

The advent and monumental growth of social media have also driven the exponential rise in financial returns from people’s networks such that millions if not billions of people worldwide are connected in social circles via devices like mobile phones, iPads etc thus making exchange of goods and services a lot easier and faster. Hence organizations like Google, Microsoft, Apple etc are among the top earners in the world while they also account for some of the highest numbers of patronage.
Take a look at these statistics: According to “we are” out of Africa’s over 1.2billion population, 349million are active internet users, 986million are active on mobile phone, a whooping million are active on social media while 102million are active on mobile social devices. Meaning that business owners can actually reach more people by leveraging on their social connections aided by social devices/media; just satisfying one person who is connected to three persons who each may be connected to six persons per contact and the list grows exponentially as does the money if well explored.

Furthermore on social media platforms, YouTube connects over 1billion active users, LinkedIn (which powers 50% of the world’s hires/recruitments) has 300 million, Instagram has 200 million…and that is an indication of how fast information travels within ones network including business/marketing related issues with the assurance of huge financial returns if these people can be satisfactorily serviced.
In other instances, we have seen people receiving contracts, employment or one form of support or the other just because someone who believes in them did a recommendation…So don’t play with your contacts; they could be your lifeline one day.

No one can really succeed exceptionally in anything they don’t have passion for and if you are known to be unproductive, chances are that your progress may be punctuated as not many people may want to engage you…that’s where passion comes in. Passion is a propelling force that has the capacity of sustaining you in any venture you engage in even when you don’t seem to be succeeding at first. Passion carries the momentum that breaks down barriers and surmounts obstacles; it gives flight to vision and belittles fright.

I have seen passion distinguish many people at work, home or in business. Some years back as a young manager in a multinational, I recall witnessing the level of honours and awards bestowed on one of our employees who though was a cleaner had distinguished himself on the job. He had the habit of reporting early to work and staying at his duty post unsupervised till he finishes his assignment. So when the opportunity came, I lifted him from his lowly positio to that of a team leader among the cleaners and with time he became a supervisor while his mates were still at the level of cleaners. Having noticed that he had stopped his education at the primary school level, I encouraged him to go for his O’Level for which he was more than glad to do. I helped him with private lessons in English language, created a favourable working schedule for him while keeping his job in tact till he concluded the General Certificate Examination (GCE in Nigeria). Well he passed and as a parting gift at the time of my exit from the firm, I recommended his promotion and transfer to another branch of the firm where he had to take over from a graduate as the acting manager; a position which he held even years after my departure. Passion paved the way for his growth… each time I watch Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi play football, what I usually see is passion playing out and paving paths to greatness and more wealth for them. If ever you want to make real money from whatever you are doing, always remember to be passionately committed to it. As an individual, I have learnt to do whatever I have decided to do with great passion or let go of it in the absence of passion. That way I have recorded more success than failure in addition to more honours and fulfillment…the real money is in you, dig it up.

I will welcome your questions and contributions as usual via;
Frank Uzo

Keep going higher.
Kind regards.
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Leadership Strategist/
German DVT TOT in administration.


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