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GIJ “bans” miniskirts and shorts

Rector of the Ghana Institute of Journalism, Dr Wilberforce Dzisah has cautioned students to avoid wearing “miniskirts and shorts” or risk being sanctioned.

According to him, the caution follows concerns by management of the school about an increase in indecent dressing among the students.

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mini skirt

Dr Dzisah who gave the caution at the schools matriculation of fresh students for the 2016/2017 academic year said the caution was to both fresh students as well as continuing ones.

“Management has raised concerns about an increase in indecent dressing by students. Management has therefore decided on the following and this should not only go to fresh men and women but for the continuing students as well. No shorts or miniskirts are to be worn for lectures. Clothes which expose your vital parts shall not be entertained,” he warned.

“Management will apply sanctions with regards to any violations of these directives,” he added.

Explaining the rationale for the new directive, Dr Dzisah said the primary aim of the students was to study and successfully complete their prescribed academic programmes and that such provocative clothing had the tendency to sway them off their focus.

“Life at the university can be intellectually and socially engaging and exciting. However, one can easily lose focus and strain into fruitless and unproductive ventures. Your primary aim here is to strive to successfully complete your prescribed academic programme,” he explained.


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