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I sincerely appreciate all those that reached out to me on particularly the leadership articles. I find the subject of leadership very intriguing and strategic and so is naturally  expected to arouse greats interests with different shades of perspectives garnishing it per time.
At the world level, the perception of leadership is also fraught with narratives and definitions that are often products of circumstances and events that are often not too pleasant hence the need for me to set the stage right by discountenancing some of the fuzzy areas of the subject – what leadership is not. (Refer to previous articles)

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Having done so, I would like to posit at this point that chief among the issues that have made the subject the way it is viewed in some quarters is the fact that some people seem to see leadership as a role to play rather than a life one leads.
Yet good leadership is number one most critical need around the globe especially in this 21st century.

Hence inevitably, setting the records straight becomes needful especially in the African setting where  leadership has been bastardized by a retinue of bad ‘leaders’ – people who made/make it a duty to separate ideals of high moral standards and accountability in their public responsibilities.

I would like to move on by letting us into my definition of leadership which was derived from several years of nation building activities and over a decade long exposure in the corporate world.

I define leadership as; *motivating people in the path of higher inspiration where they freely add value and find mutual fulfillment as they accomplish established objectives.
True leadership has a godly disposition, morality based, principle oriented and is borne out of a heart motivated by the desire to serve especially for the common good.

This kind of leadership is not just a product of executive training on leadership (which is not bad at all on its own) but truth must be told because despite years and volumes of training on leadership, what makes a true leader is actually a response to the calling within a person’s spirit not the books true leadership is caught not taught (I will explain in subsequent articles).Image result for what is leadership

Without this intentional response and decision, there can never be a metamorphosis from the taught leader to the true leader – positive attitude change marks the dividing line in leadership. Sadly, this is the missing ingredient in the kind of leadership we see especially in Africa and that is why many of our leaders are leading without leadership – they are more like misleaders; leaders who have lost their script.

Whatever any leader makes of his or her position is a function of perception and perception is the root of attitude.
Dr Myles Munroe posited in his book The Spirit of Leadership that True leadership is not a technique, a method, a style, or the acquisition of skills. It is the manifestation of an attitude based on the knowledge of who you were born to be.

As I close, I would like to remind you that I took time to deconstruct the wrong mind sets and negative dispositions to leadership that seem to vitiate its true meaning and responsibility ( refer to previous articles) not because of any other reason except for the fundamental truth that everyone is a leader whether or not in a leadership position…you don’t need to be born into it, or have it given to you; you only need to respond to a deep call from within you.

In subsequent articles, we will look at what leaders do and then  I will lead you into the concept of Root of Leadership where we will together explore the real deal in leadership. It promises to be precise but deep with wisdom so the assimilation will be a lot easier.

Meanwhile keep your comments, opinions and suggestions coming in as usual.
Special regards to Lorraine for your kind comments (hope I got your name right?)

Kind regards
Frank Uzo
Leadership Strategist/German DVT TOT in Administration.


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