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SERMON OF THE WEEK; How Supply Will Follow Belief

How Supply Will Follow Belief

Author: Creflo Dollarbirdie



The supply of the spiritual realm always follows your belief. If you’ve entered into God’s rest, you cease from your own works. You are resting in the truth that Christ has already completed and secured everything that you need to have a successful life.


  1. If you believe in the finished works of Christ, you will cease from doing things to try and get God to do what He has already done.
    1. Labor to enter into His rest (Hebrews 4:10, 11).
    2. An example of laboring to enter into His rest would be continuing to say what the Word says, in the face of contrary circumstances.
    3. Don’t waste time thinking about lack. Praise God for what you do have and the principle of multiplication will be activated.
    4. Don’t put your faith in your own efforts; put your faith in Jesus.
    5. When you find yourself responding in ways that don’t line up with your belief in the finished works of Christ, most likely you’ve opened the door to unbelief, which short-circuits the transfer of the supply into your life.
    6. Until we start corresponding with the finished works of Christ, by demonstrating our belief in a practical manner, we will not have, or operate in, the authority that He has given us.
    1. Supply follows belief (Mark 5:1-43).
      1. Jesus can be referred to as “supply.”
      2. In the case of Jairus, belief took control of supply. Jesus was headed in one direction and Jairus’ belief stopped Him, and caused Him to start following Jairus.
      3. The woman with the issue of blood also touched Jesus’ supply of healing with her belief in Him.
      4. It appears that Jesus allowed His ministry to be controlled by whoever would believe.
      5. Jesus was not just referring to a physical touch when He said, “Who touched Me?” in reference to the woman with the issue of blood. He was referring to her faith, which touched His supply.
      6. When belief touches supply, it gets rid of the need.
      7. The devil will always send a word that is designed to get you to doubt that belief and supply have made contact.
      8. The moment something contradicts belief, deal with it.
      9. Your belief connects you to the supply of the spirit realm. You must be determined not to let anything turn you around. Hang on to what you believe, no matter what it looks like.
      10. Under grace we make demands on God based on His Word and His full supply.

Scripture References

    • Hebrews 4:10, 11
    • Mark 5:1-43

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