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New Year Message
Psalm 92:1-end
God made d moon,sun & stars to regulate times n seasons in d earth. Times n seasons only exist on earth.
Teach us to number our days…Psalm
Good planning is important.
Flourishing- luxuriant growth

1) It’s your year of luxuriant growth
your growing big time.
Something special about the palm tree is the way it grows. It thrives in every season.
you’ll flourish like the palm tree n flourish like the cedar in Lebanon.
you’ll experience luxurious growth this year.
One of the synonyms of flourishing is spreading.

2) It is the year of significant attainments, news making attainments.
Like the palm tree that attains high heights. Great things are about to happen.
Nothing will stop you. That thing doesn’t exist.

3) It is your year of persistent productivity.
The weather doesn’t count. The country or economy doesn’t count.
So mightily grew the Word of God n prevailed.

1) U have to speak in tongues like never before.
This is the refreshing where God causes the weary to rest. Times of refreshing. But it’s more than that.
1 Corinth.14:4
If U want to improve yourself, edify your spirit, you must speak in tongues till your spirit become sensitive to spiritual realities.
Jude 1:20 (amp)
Most holy faith- most sanctified faith.
You must build on d highest faith you’ve ever expressed ( d faith that had no doubt that expressed no fear). When you pray in the holy ghost you don’t only have sensitivity of the spirit, your faith is also purified.
1 Corinth.14:18- this was why Paul was so successful
If I’ll speak in tongues, nothing will stop me, I’ll build myself strong.
If I want to be very successful, 2017 is my year. I must flourish with tongues.

2) Heb.11:1-3
worlds- aions, course of life, the direction of one’s life the things that are going to happen with a person,for a person; the world and its systems, one’s era, his life & times
Framed- kartartizoed i.e to mend, to set in order, to repair
Word- Rhema- the Word which God speaks, He addresses His word to your heart
Logos created the world…John 1:1-3
In your world, in your life, how things go with you, how things work you’ll require rhema
The saints listed in Heb.11 had the rhema of God n framed their aions with it.
The only thing that’s not in your control is the life of another person.
Everything in your life is within your control. You have to frame your world.
How 2017 will be your year of flourishing is in your mouth.
Speak rhema into your future, the rest of 2017 has got to comply.
This year ushers in a new phase in the battle of the ages. We r engaged in a warfare and we’re on the winning side.
None of those in your family tree ever failed. Some made mistakes but they got up n kept running.
There r not too many times in the calendar of God where things in the calendar of God synced with man.
Where sin did abound, grace did much more abound
Satan is not more wicked than God is gracious. God is greater in graciousness
There r angels that have been released… God has thrown away his limits in the pursuit of souls.
I’ll have a hunger for the things of God like never before. I’ll be passionate about Jesus like never before. There’s a move of the Spirit like never before.
Acts 2:
The Holy Ghost is working in you like never before.
You are not an ordinary being. You are d living tabernacle of the living Christ.
count it all joy when you go through diverse tests…
Luxuriant growth, significant attainments, persistent productivity…
Jesus never asked us to preach the Word with words only, we preach with power. Before the king comes back, we will shake this world.
You are going to be so wealthy, nothing will be able to stop you.
The word of God will cause you to be prosperous, big, influential and powerful.
There r not enough barriers in the world to stop you.
I know who you are. You are a child of God

You’ve made a commitment to success, so you must succeed!
The Lord has blessed you. He’s given you all things.  have no fear. never underestimate yourself. you must take the Word & keep it in your consciousness. you are a child of the Word.
Christ is in you & it’s your year of flourishing. Amen


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