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Melodious City Choir on Stage

Check Out the Photos at the ARS Pig Farm’s Night of worship

Festus sefa sedofia has this to say…

I must take this opportunity to congratulate the organizers of this amazing event that took place at Pig Farm ARS dubbed “Night of Worship”.

To be fair and square, I really enjoyed the atmosphere and everything was on point.

Woooow, my first time of witnessing a live performance from the MCC was that very night, seriously, I was filled with the holy spirit and I could feel the presence of God. MCC, keep it up because there is a brighter future ahead.

Another shocking experience was when Bro. Saviour climbed the stage, What! infact ARS has future spiritual leaders to guide the new generation to the holy land.

Bro. Bright and Sis Bernice, I say Ayeekoo for such amazing performance. You will definitely get there. Keep it up.

Efo Kojo, “I can’t think far”, I like the faith you uphold, many singers out there do it for money but you have proven that you are different. May the good lord continue to shower his blessings upon you. I shy a lot when dancing to praises in public but your praises lifted me from my chair to join the crowd to at least shake the body…haha. I admire you a lot.

Thanks to you all who made it that day…

If you missed this event, check out for the pictures below…

Melodious City Choir on Stage
“Heybaba” boys drumming
Dancing mood activated
Bro Bright driving the congregation into spirit

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