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Mundane Gateways of Greatness

Mundane Gateways of Greatness

The script of Saul is built around this theme of taking the ordinary things as gateways to extraordinary encounters of destiny. How on earth would Bathsheba know that the simple act of taking her ceremonial bath after her menses will be the turning point of her life? She had done so every month since she came of age. How will Peter know that a futile fishing trip in the night will be the encounter that will make an ordinary fisherman a world leader? He had gone fishing every night for as long as he was old enough. The key is simply in engaging the Word of God. It is so simple we just want to throw it away in search of a deeper truth.

11 And as they went up the hill to the city, they found young maidens going out to draw water, and said unto them, Is the seer here?

12 And they answered them, and said, He is; behold, he is before you: make haste now, for he came to day to the city…

13 As soon as ye be come into the city, ye shall straightway find him…


There are important clues in this verse. You need to read them with the eyes of a destiny detective. “Going to the mountain” or “being on the mountain” is a metaphorical way of talking about prayer and fasting.

Saul and his servant took a decision to see the prophet. They are now desirous of getting God involved in an ordinary mundane activity. Just how do they do it? They climbed a hill. Actually their path led through the hill. It is a symbol of prayer. It was not a very significant act of prayer, but it was sincere and deliberate.

As they climbed the hill they met some ladies going to draw water. Water is symbolic of the Word of God. However, these ladies are not renowned preachers or prophets. They are ordinary everyday people. But they gave a very significant prophecy and direction because they had access to the Word. We will see how significant this becomes in the life of Saul later on.

The ladies gave Saul a very important instruction:  “Yes,” they replied, “stay right on this road. (1 Sam9:12 TLB).

STAY RIGHT ON THIS ROAD. Do not deviate from the path of asking God’s will on every little or great event in your life. You have started well by choosing to seek God concerning this thing, but will you stay on the path of seeking God? Or will you become too busy, too important, too rich, too tired and too knowledgeable to seek God?

Turn to the Scriptwriter-Director for instructions at all times. That is why you have the bible, the process of prayer and the gift of the Holy Spirit. Don’t use these resources at the big moments and decision points of your life. Use them daily.

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